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BioViron International  Product Range

BioViron now offers range of leading edge products that are both eco-friendly and commercially viable and designed to help companies and public sector organizations to meet their “carbon footprint” objectives, these include:

  • BioViron’s comprehensive range of Cornstarch packaging products  

  • BioViron Cool Boxes - standard size or ‘made to measure’ *

  • BioViron Compostable film for insulation and product packaging*

  • BioViron injection moulded PLA products

  • BioViron thermoformed clamshell packs from PLA bio-compostable resin

* Please contact us for more information about these products. All products are manufactured to order.


Other BioViron Foam Products

  • BioViron Wrap (BCW)

  • Soft enough for Class “A” surfaces

  • Available in 3mm depth

Width of 610mm length as requested 



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 CompostableThermoformed PLA


Bio-compostable Thermoformed PLA film Thickness 0.5mm and 1.0mm